Dearest friends and clients,

Painted Lotus has taken a strong approach to client and staff safety throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to update our policies and procedures as new information and health concerns arise, and continue to work our butts off to make our space as safe as it’s always been.

Please see the most recent updates to our shop policies below. This page will be updated immediately as our policies change. Thank you SO MUCH for your patience since the beginning, we couldn’t ask for better clients to work with.

Our current deposit policy is still in place with an added COVID-19 policy.  The summary is this page, and vaccinated or not, all points apply and must be followed.
By booking an appointment with us, you agree to the following (in addition to our regular rules):


We are operating BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

    • Please ensure you have an appointment before coming into the shop.

We request that you do self-checks using the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool.

    • If you’re experiencing symptoms before your appointment please email your tattoo artist to reschedule.  Your deposit will be transferred to your new appointment date.

We require you reschedule if you:

    • Have symptoms of cold or flu.
    • Have been in contact with someone with symptoms.
    • Are under a PHO order to self-isolate.
    • Are not participating in our PHO Dr. Bonnie Henry’s rules and guidelines.
      • Please help us keep ourselves, our families, and our other clients safe.  If you have not been following PHO guidance, PLEASE reschedule your appointment.  We are taking the health and safety of everyone around us very seriously.

We require you inform your tattoo artist if you are arriving from outside of the Island Health region.

    • Email your tattoo artist and let them know that you are travelling here from outside of Vancouver Island, please!

Arriving for your appointment:

    • We are appointment-only!  Come alone. 
      • Do not bring friends or family as they will not be permitted in the building with you. 
    • Masks are MANDATORY at all times in the shop.  No exceptions!  
      • Please put your mask on BEFORE entering the shop.
      • Bring your own mask.
      • We encourage the use of medical masks, N95 masks, or double masking.
    • Food/Beverage:
      • Eat a good meal before coming to your appointment and bring a water-bottle.
      • You may bring a packaged snack with you, we have a designated snack area.
    • You’ll be notified by signage at the door to wait to be admitted. 
      • Only come to the shop if you have a tattoo or consult appointment booked.  All other inquiries will be done through email.
      • Your tattoo artist will meet you at the door at your booked appointment time.
        • If you come early, you most likely will have to wait or be asked to go for a walk and come back for your booked time.
    • Once admitted you’ll be subject to similar hygiene practices as the staff, including hand sanitizing/washing, and wiping down of high-touch items (such as your cell phone).  
    • As usual, please let us know if you have any mobility challenges and we will accommodate you!

Getting tattooed:

    • Masks are MANDATORY at all times in the shop.  No exceptions! 
      • We ask that you bring your own mask. 
      • Please put your mask on BEFORE entering the shop.
      • We encourage the use of medical masks, N95 masks, or double masking.
    • We have kept our floor space rearranged to exceed the recommended square footage for each procedure area, and have clearly marked them with floor tape. 
    • Our usual high standard for cleaning has been upped to meet and exceed WorkSafeBC’s suggested guidelines.

We hope that these procedures help you to feel safe and comfortable in our shared space, and allow us all to continue making tattoos!  All of our staff have updated their training and we have worked closely with our Health Inspector to create a detailed workplace guideline. 

If you do not feel the need to follow these rules, or if you are uncomfortable with them, please wait until we update our policies above to book your appointment. We welcome your input and questions through email (, and encourage you to check back as we update!